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Different Logos since the creation of the SNCF .

La vie associative


Created in 1937 along with the company.. It represents the consolidation of acquired companies with those letters entangled but is far from a message of communication.Désormais Railways North, those of the East, the West, those of Paris, the PLM (Paris -Lyon-Mediterranean) have formed a single institution: the National Society if french railway.

Logo de la SNCF crée en 1947

After war in 1947, many stations, machines and network were destroyed also wants the new logo symbolize renewal.



With its network throughout France, the slope shows the progress that the station wants to have with its grid network symbolized by the shield.


Logo de la SNCF crée en 1967

In 1967, The electrification spread very quickly and the station wants to show these 4 letters well Gras shows the determination to show its strength.




Logo de la SNCF crée en 1985


In 1985, the station enters the era of great speed, it changed its status, it has become an EPIC (Etablissement Public Industriel et Commercial) has upgraded its equipment and facilities and symbols defined its charter graph. . She wants to develop a strong trade policy.



Logo de la SNCF crée en 1995


In 1992, signs are multiplying, and the station wants to restore its reputation by creating the logo visually with the red arrow to move on and its power and the seat is gray track and strength of the company.


Logo de la SNCF crée en 2005

In 2005, the station wants to send a strong signal and the new symbol from an extensive marketing study to show a company that is young, with a new policy that is innovative and creative. Les couleurs choisies aisni que la forme veulent redonner une nouvelle image de la SNCF. The colors chosen aisni that give form to a new image of the station.