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La Gare d 'Argentan

The railway station and the depot have been of significant damage during the bombardment.

En plein déluge de Feu :

Argentan became an important rail center when the war broke out. Located in the center of the ORNE, the city has undergone major bombing and suffered terribly.Essential goal to close the Falaise pocket.

The 15 and 16 August 1944, the American attempt to capture the railwaystation. The fighting around the railwaystation against a unit of German DCA are particularly deadly and the Americans were repulsed by the German Panzers which inflict serious losses. This failure will be the martyr of the city.

A-20s and B-26s bombarders escorted hunters hit the decks of railway switches and Yard to delay and complicate the German pension.

The Allied artillery shelled the city relentlessly until the August 20 . When the U.S. 317th infantry regiment enter in Argentan on 20 August 1944, they discovered a city completely destroyed, the Germans left the city yesterday.

La gare côté quais après les bombardementsLes ouvriers rétablissent les voies

-----The railway Station devastated -----The destruction of railway network

The Destruction of the Steam locomotives.

The shelling of the station has been particularly active in détuire rail traffic.

Locomotive touchée par les destructionsUne autre victime des bombardements

--------------Locomotives lying in a hell of rails exploded . ----------

The ruins of the depot:

the remains of the railwaystation filing of ARGENTAN after the bombings of August 1944.

Ce qu'il reste du dépôt.