Railway Station

Mythical trains

SNCF depot

The Administrative Service and the Refectory.

The HeadQuarter Command and mess: the place of rest for the agents conduct.

Ses Missions.

The Administrative Office:

On taking up the service, the mechanic must present themselves to the command called "sheet" at the station, for any updates made to its day of service.

Then he must consult his locker in which documents could be transmitted, such as:

  • corrigenda of regulations.
  • safety notices (eg notices of work or changes in signaling);
  • sheets giving train schedules the next train that will lead.
  • administratifs. e usual in any business, such as leaflets or documents.

They must then learn about the incident or last minute changes that have not been reported in earlier documents.

This information is posted on a billboard, generally known under the urgent advice.

Sundays and holidays, summer holidays: These days are worked so banal as trains continued to circulate. The driver who works on a holiday could recover later.

The summer holidays are a headache for the offices of command, because many agents want to take leave to be with their families, while the number of trains remains important given the leisure travel. The depots are organized by rotations over several years to allow everyone to enjoy the summer months, but every year a large number of staff are invited to take in May / June or September / October in order to ensure a Maximum during the periods of summer.

During the steam trains, drivers received a premium for coal. For against, the mechanicians are entitled to their machines could receive a premium of oil, based on the amount consumed, the locomotive and the distance traveled.

---------- The office of orders and the administrative services -----------------

The Refectory:

Depending on the travel time, the engineer and the driver are frequently asked to take rest periods away from home (RHR), often called "découchers". This means that two days of service, they sleep outside their homes. The "découché" is most often in this building. The "découché" lasts at least 9 hours. The agents also conduct their own meals, can make their toilets and rest on its premises.


------------------------------------- The Refectory------------------------------------------------