Railway Station

Mythical trains

SNCF depot

The loading of coal and water.


Steam locomotives were demanding coal and water.

Its Missions.

A fleet fuel storing tons of coal and briquettes Somain (These briquettes were made from pulverized coal and linked with the pitch, all heated and pressed to give this form) and a transporter bridge to handle all the coal.


The Toboggan , a sort of huge container capable of containing several hundred tonnes (400 tons) of coal of different grades and able to mix them and relieve some of this mixture in the tender of the locomotive which passes under this kind of cash.


The Water crane, a kind of huge rotating taps on the floor, capable of filling 13 to 38 m3 of water tender locomotives whose capacity was 30 to 40 m3. These cranes are themselves water supplied by water filled with the pumping station of the ORNE passing nearby.


----- The toboggan ------------------------------------------The crane of water ----------