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The Railwaystation of Argentan today.

The station of Argentan was completely renovated in 2006. The goal is to offer a better quality of servive and improve user comfort knowing that more than1000 people pass every day through the station.

Its new missions.


This renovation brings a real improvement in services and hospitality. It includes the refurbishment of the passenger hall, in order to provide greater transparency and clarity improving the comfort of use by all passengers, the development of sales areas, waiting areas more comfortable in the hall and on platforms and above all a comprehensive development of the station with a complete renovation of the facade.

The quality of reception and accessibility of persons with reduced mobility have been greatly improved with the installation of appropriate windows and installation of automatic doors to access the docks and in front.

The total cost of work was 1.3 million euros allocated between the General Council, the SNCF and the town of Argentan.

In addition, a program of redevelopment around the railway station allows to reorganize and improve traffic conditions (space two-wheelers, taxis and public transport intercity and urban) and temporary parking areas were created.

All this work should contribute to the improvement of the Paris-Granville and services Argentan-Caen-Le Mans-Tours also with the introduction of new trains MCO.

---------------------- The SNCF railway renovated in 2006. -----------------------------