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ARGENTAN railway Station

The railways company of the west was formed in 1855 until 1908.

The railway 's Arrival is at ARGENTAN in 1858. .

Creation of the railway station.

The railway station of ARGENTAN was built in the mid-nineteenth century.

The railway station is the junction between the line Paris - Granville et the crossline Caen-Tours .


On 1 February 1858 The first train arrives at the railwaystation of Argentan on this date. It allowed with the first section to reach Paris in 10 hours. In 1860, it joined Paris in 6 hours.


In 1858, the Argentan's railway station has a depot of 3 locomotives. Over the years during the opening of the line Paris-Granville in 1870, there were already 13. the depot grows and has its maximum of 90 locomotives in 1935.


A railway station of goods and yard, Argentan has become a very important railway junction with 2 crosslines from Paris to Caen and Granville in Tours.



Gare Argentan côté ExtérieurGare Argentan arrivée des Messageries

---------------------Arrival of the Train Station outside Messaging -------------------


Views on the docks in the early twentieth century.



Gare Argentan côté quaisArrivée d'un train en gare d 'Argentan

-------------------------- Views on the docks ----------------------------------------------------


To access to the railwaystation, built in the mid-nineteenth century, laid out on the streets of "Normandy forest" that is surrounded by trees and along which was the office of the grant.


In the early twentieth century to link the Town Center to the railwaystation, Mr. Colomb Director of Water and Forests opens the "avenue de la Forêt Normande" on August 6 1939. In tribute to Edourd Herriot then Minister of the Public and called and in connection with one of these works "Dans la Foret Normande" who had rendered services to the city.

This avenue was formed by a viaduct missing today.


In downtown, the direction of the railwaystation sets up an office ticket sales.

To allow to restore the connections for trains, the "Buffet de la gare" was opened in 1869.

In the early 1940's, the railwaystation is the largest employer in the city, with several hundred railway workers.


Rue Forêt Normande en vue de la gareLes Arbres ont bien poussé.

-- Avenue of the " fôret Normande" ---- ------------- Few years later---------

In 1907, the teams were composed of :

- Station 1 Chief, 2 Assistant Chief of Station

- 1 Liquidator 1 - 1 supervisor Head - 2 supervisor

- 1 responsible for the slow speed - 2 students accountants - 2 cashiers

- 2 Heads factors - factors registrants 4 - 4 factors

- 2 lampistes - 2 used equipment

- 1 head of dock - 1 head of maneuver - 4 Heads of team - 3 sous chef d 'équipe

- 11 aiguilleurs - 30 men on the team; 2 scrubbers - 11 signalmen

At the Trains service:

- 9 Conductors 1st Class, 2nd Class 7 drivers, 14 drivers 3rd Class

- 26 4th class's drivers and 25 guards brakes


The Arrival of the Express Paris in the 'Argentan's railway station. It allows to reach the capital in 6 hours.

In 1840, was built in Paris the railway station " of the gate of Maine. "

This railway station quickly became too small and a 2nd railwaystation was built in the axis of this station in 1852 along the Boulevard du Montparnasse.. This station which hosts the suburban trains and Granville.