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History Network station in the West of the France.

Of the 27 existing companies in 1851, Napoleon III saw all the interests of rail which created the railway Company of west .

The Railway Company of the West was created in 1855 by the merger of several companies in the West such as airlines to Paris St Germain en Laye, Paris to Rouen, Rouen to Le Havre, Dieppe to Fecamp, Caen Cherbourg but it took a government decree of Napoleon III for which he requires the creation of the Argentan in Granville.


Towards 1908, The Company of the West knows very serious financial difficulties and in 1909, the Railway Company of the West was acquired by the Company of state Network and integrating that other national companies. It is the state becomes the owner now.


The establishment of the station on 1 January 1938 which is responsible for operating the networks of different companies whose network of the state belongs.


The year 1972 brought the station in the era of decentralization where the management and administrative structure sonf entrusted to a regional headquarters.


In 1977, the property and responsibility of the rail network is entrusted to a new entity: EPIC (industrial and commercial) The rail network of France.


The first lines that come to Argentan:

On 1 February 1858:


Inauguration of the section Alencon -Argentan of the line Le Mans - Mézidon

knowing that troncon Le Mans - Alencon it is open since 15 March 1856.


The first train arrives at the station of Argentan on that date.

On 1 February 1859:

The stretch-Argentan MEZIDON is opened in turn.

Le line Le Mans -MEZIDON is completely open and took the match on the Paris-Caen-Cherbourg already in use .

The journey Caen-MEZIDON Alencon Argentan-Le-Mans is now possible.


On 2 July 1866, the section between Flers-Argentan is open and is part of the Paris-Granville line is open.

On 5 August 1897, the Paris-Argentan-Granville is over and it is now possible to go directly to the capital by train.

Teminology of "Cheminot".

Originally the term referred "Chemineau" a beggar, a vagabond who roamed the countryside and lived in small odd jobs and handouts.The creation of the railway in 1787 gave new meaning to the word despite the difference railwayman orthograhique where the wanderer became a laborer from SNCF of a site to another.

the first lines .

Line Granville-Argentan-Paris and the cross Caen-Argentan-Alencon