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The Reconstruction

A month before the end of the war, was inaugurated in August 1944 the "avenue of the forest Norman" opened in August 1944 that allowed the city center to join the railwaystation.


After the liberation, the french rail network was destroyed:

* 3024 km of main tracks are unusable.

* 3203 works of art were destroyed.

* 77 major depots were affected and destroyed.

* 144 steam locomotives are out of order.

* 25 marshalling yards on 40 have been affected.

The Argentan railwaystation is useless and rubble fill the tracks.



The railway network reconstruction .

Despite this toll, the railway undertaking the reconstruction:

- Rehabilitation of track.

- Reconstruction of bridges, on the work of art.

- Upgrading facilities.

- Repair of locomotives.

Thus, in 1947, had a new network and rail traffic was again possible, and all prepared in record time.

The locomotive depot was rebuilt very quickly.

The depot Reconstruction .

La reconstruction du dépôtLe nouveau dépôt en cours de construction


-1.The depot Reconstruction .

-4. The pit access is completed, the final construction is near.

The Renewel.

No building of Argentan had been spared and survived the flood of fire.

After a rapid restoration of traffic in major streets of Argentan, everything had to be rebuilt.

On 23 August 1944, we began the reconstruction of buildings and homes.

The railway began to work to clear, to be reconstructed rail and housing to accommodate all the staff station.

Les premiers trains recommencent à circulerCette locomotive a échappé au désastre

-----The first movement arising --------- The only survivor: a 141 C 236 -----

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