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the Commissary SNCF at ARGENTAN .

Given the number of rail workers, those measures were organized to create the first plant to purchase the time and creates a cluster of shops and station wagons as commissary.

The first main surface of the Commissary was created to SNCF MEZIDON. As a first step, families of ARGENTAN are allocated tickets for special transportation to go shopping at the commissary of MEZIDON.

A branch was built to ARGENTAN for all families and their dependents and supplies is from that of MEZIDON or MANS or directly from a central purchasing PARIS. This branch was destroyed in 1944.

In these stores, there are also many of the groceries, canned food, wine and household linen, working clothes.

It also sells furniture, sporting goods, gardening equipment for the station staff with discounted rates.

Vouchers for special purchase allows for temporary credits for its purchases.

A new building to be born with the release of radiation and more butchers.

But it is the beginning of large surfaces that cause more people with more attractive prices. In addition, the decreasing number of railway, it was in 1975 the closure of such stores.

In addition, output of the war, the need to get back to gardening in raised cheminots the need to cultivate the land during their free time and the garden of Cheminot created in the early 1950s allow the purchase seeds of trees, tools with preferential rates.

--- The bulding of the commissary SNCF avenue de la 2eme DB ---