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On October 22th,1895 at the West Railwaystation.

A spectacular accident which made a death

In 1895, at the second railway station called "West Railway Station" built in response to traffic became too cramped on the first station built on the pier of the gate of Maine, a locomotive broke the limits of arrival of the station and found himself suspended from the pavement of the Place de Rennes.

The train from Granville led by a locomotive "120" was composed of 12 wagons carrying 131 passengers do not adequately controlled upon arrival at railway station because of the delay he had made it completely across the front of the station and the locomotive found hung suspended its cars and crashed 10 meters below. Unfortunately, this accident had a death outside the station and five seriously injured two passengers, one firefighter and two railway employees.

The locomotive engineer Guillaume-Marie Pellerin was sentenced to two months' imprisonment and a fine of 50 francs, and the train conductor Albert Mariette 25 franc fine.

The locomotive stay suspended for four days before they managed to emerge.


----The Locomotive accident which smashed the front of the station ------